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A beautiful book of poetry representing nine decades of life lived by the author, Elizabeth Fowler Sullivan from Lightening Creek to Carnegie Hall.



I was stunned by the striking and powerful self-affirmation in Elizabeth Fowler Sullivan's incisively engaging poem ["I Belong to Me Now"]. Her gift of rhyme is spot-on. I understand how difficult it is to rhyme a deeply serious poem about loss and the often iron will it takes to live on in spite of losing someone beloved. Kudos to Elizabeth. She took my breath away, especially in her last two stanzas. There is always time to finally breathe again, after the storms. The poem helped confirm that fact for me. Thank you, Elizabeth. With gratitude. Roberta

Stages: From Lightning Creek to Carnegie Hall

  • Hard Cover Book; 5.75" x 5.75"; 67 poems accompanied by hand-drawn images and photos.

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